Astro Rabbit

54.5 x 43 cm / 21.4 x 16.9 inches
155 grams / 5.4 oz
Tyvek®, Leather

* Convenient and spacious tote bag with two, slim leather straps
* Easy to fold, pack, stow away
* Constructed with two layers of waterproof, boredom-proof Tyvek®

The Stiglo tote’s extremely lightweight, waterproof, and covered with art inside and out. We use super-study Tyvek® for both the shell and lining. The seams are both stitched and glued for further waterproofing and strength. With full grain Italian leather straps the tote is ideal for everyday wear, travel, and whenever you need some generous carrying capacity on the go. Every Stiglo features collaborative artwork, handcrafted with love.

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