Stiglo: Making art functional and life artful

Stiglo’s aim is to rethink how we create and interact with art and bring the work of talented artists into our daily routines in a fun and functional way. Perhaps more than anything it’s a wish to create a platform where unrestricted creation meets our full creative potential.

We’re suffering from a global art deficiency. Our world is rich with incredibly talented people and disproportionately poor in places where art and day-to-day life intersect. Our urban landscapes are feeling increasingly homogenized and soulless. The art we do encounter is often heavily commercialized for the masses, cloistered in elite galleries or trapped (and often destroyed) on hidden streets and alleyways.

So what? Is art really a human necessity? Yes. Creation and expression is an integral part of a healthy, empowered, open minded life and society. For both the artist and art lover, art is therapeutic, starts conversations, changes perspectives and feeds the soul and intellect. Like good nutrition, we need it.



Art has the innate capacity to transcend loads of divisive human issues– politics, inequalities across race and gender. The stuff that keeps humans apart, art bypasses with ease (even language). That's why Stiglo’s key principles are collaboration and co-creation. When creating jointly we come together but also transcend the borders of our own imagination and style. When different artistic sensibilities converge, we are all rewarded with unexpected, original results.

Fun fact: One bag has nine different artists contributing to the canvas. This makes us happy.

Profit sharing
Like authors or musician, every contributing artist gets a share of the profits– like royalties. If one bag does really well, the artists who made it should feel the love.

All about the bags

Stiglo bags are made with thoughtful simplicity, durability, and succulent joy-infused art, inside and out. A contrasting mix of materials, Tyvek and fine Italian leather, is also what makes Stiglo unique. Both leather and Tyvek share a common quality - the more you wear them the better they look. Double layer of super sturdy Tyvek makes our bags waterproof, extremely light weight, and a ideal canvas for great collaborative art projects.

It’s nice to meet you!

Stiglo gathers a global creative community of award winning designers, photographers, writers, and producers– a unique team that keeps on growing. Some of us are experienced creators with recognized careers in art and design, while others are just starting out.

The Core Team

Milos Ilic is one part multimedia artist and designer, and one part dad, musician, inventor, and award winning Executive Creative Director. He’s spent the last 18 years developing and leading creative teams across three continents at the most coveted ad agencies worldwide. He’s both judged for and pocketed over 250 international awards from the likes of Cannes, One Show, D&AD, and New York Festivals for everything from advertising and design, to illustration and music composition. So it’s a natural next step to create a company where his love of art and the creative process walks off the screen and page to serve a higher social purpose and become the product itself.

Favorite media: ink, compressed charcoal, fender telecaster, piano, bass

Has worked and played in: Hungary, UK, USA, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Dubai, South Africa, Serbia

Milan Bulat plays with technology the way Milos plays with ink. As an accomplished Software Engineer, CG, VR, and game industry veteran, Milan builds the tools that make the gamers and developers among us drool while enabling artists to collaborate and create. This includes web-based development tools the Stiglo artists use to share a canvas. As Co-Founder of Stiglo, Milan’s entrepreneurial sponge-like brain is focused on new business models around collaborative workflow and blockchain technology, and is also killing it as producer, media buyer, distance runner, and hard-core techno music nerd with social skills. Crazy, right?

Favorite Media: keyboard, code, pixels

Has worked and played in: Germany, Serbia

Danica Bojić is an emerging cultural force, connecting and empowering young talent in education and culture– aka Producer in international art, design and media. She’s served on various task forces shaping youth education policy in Serbia and the EU, and is currently Expert Associate, leading the Office of International Relations at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. As a founding partner of Stiglo, she’s Master of Project and Creative Management, creating the space for artistic collaboration and innovative branding. When she’s not organizing the future of Europe, you’ll find Danica cycling, touring music and art festivals, dancing on beaches, and when we need a breather she’s here to show us how to pirouette to Milan’s techno.

Favorite Media: words, photography, dance, ngo youth organization

Has worked and played in: France, Serbia

Cindy Hammel is an award winning Writer, Creative Director, cyclist, global nomad and aspiring beach bum based in Venice Beach. She attempted her first novel in 2nd grade with mixed results. She’s since sharpened her conceptual teeth at award winning ad agencies worldwide, working with global and regional brand partners such as Ferrari World, Mercedes, the Queen of Jordan, Microsoft, Twix, Pedigree, Dignity Health and so on. She’s currently obsessed with the under-tapped intersection of story, audience, brand and entertainment. For Cindy, advertising’s been the ideal bootcamp in creative collaboration and ways to disrupt and inject meaning into broken cultures and industries. Her role at Stiglo? Paint with words, from the bags themselves to our sultry, yodeling brand voice.

Favorite Media: ink, words, moving pictures, road bikes, patching plaster

Has worked and played in: USA, Hungary, UK, Dubai, Thailand

Susan Robinson has over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry– creating, designing, and producing original brands and product lines, from housewares to lingerie. After years of running her own apparel line and boutique shop out of San Francisco with international distribution, she’s become a soft good product design and manufacturing ninja with projects perpetually in the works. When she’s not waxing poetic with fabric and production schedules, she’s teaching Fashion Design at California College of the Arts, preparing students for A-list design studios worldwide or consulting in San Francisco’s wearable tech niche. As a Stiglo advisor, Susan’s armed and ready to help us scale up production, and navigate the ins and outs of the accessory-fashion world as we grow.

Favorite Media: leather, linen, textiles from far away places, chia seeds

Works and plays in the USA

Maša Avramović is a wildly talented Illustrator, Animator, hitchhiker, book sniffer, and film freak. After graduating from Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, she’s worked with various animation studios throughout the city. You can find her art in children’s books, short story collections and magazines, as well as large scale murals in coffee shops, clubs, and urban streets across Belgrade and Nava, Spain. Maša’s is currently studying at La Poudriere, the only school in France dedicated to animated film direction. She gets her inspiration from everyday people and situations, travel, and old movies. Mostly she enjoys creating unique characters and their own secret worlds. On the Stiglo team, Maša’s both a contributing artist and savvy talent scout, helping us discover and collaborate with the other artists whose work you see dancing across our bags.

Favorite media: aquarelle, pencil, ink, brushes and wall paint

Works and plays in Serbia and France.

Maria Ilic started her career as a Graphic Designer and Art Director, and has since shifted her focus to the fashion and styling world where she found her true calling. She’s worked as a stylist on blockbuster films like Mission Impossible 4, with A-list celebrities and international commercial productions for brands like Mercedes, Rolex, Mountain Dew, Pepsi and so on.  For Maria, if the human body is the canvas, wardrobe is the paint. When she’s not on set, or working on styling and production things with Stiglo, you’ll find Maria unwinding with house paint, helping friends reinvent their interior design, and juggling the busy schedules of two teenage daughters and a posh cat named Coco.

Favorite media: scarves, blouses, riding boots, house paint

Has worked and played in: Serbia, Hungary, Dubai

From the moment we sat down together all that left-brain right-brain speak read false. We’re all artoholics inside.